Visecas is a graphical user interface for Ecasound (, a software package written by Kai Vehmanen ( which is designed for multitrack audio processing. It starts Ecasound as a child process and communicates via a pipe using Ecasound's InterActive Mode (IAM) commands.

If you don't know anything about Ecasound please visit Ecasound's examples page and read it's user guide.

Visecas has been designed with GNOME's Human Interface Guidelines in mind.


January 23, 2004
An interim bugfix release of Visecas 0.3.5 has been announced.
January 16, 2004
The initial release of Visecas 0.3.1 has been announced.


Please visit Visecas' sourceforge project page to download the latest release. Make sure that the dependencies are fulfilled (see below).


Sourceforge currently is a little bit confused regarding statistics.
Although they seem to think the project's cvs repository is untouched Visecas' module is in there.
If you are interested in cutting edge bugfixes and features you can check it out in the usual sourceforge way:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co visecas

You can also browse the repository.


Adding audio objects...

...and action!



Visecas is written in Ruby, designed with GLADE and uses the Ruby-Gnome2 bindings.
You will have to fulfill the following dependencies:

Make sure you have everything above installed (including dev packages if you do not install from source). Then move to:

As a Debian user you can access an unofficial apt repository. Visit for details.
Tips how to install ruby-gnome2 on other distributions can be found at

And of course last but certainly not least:


Those which make Ecasound a killer app:


(C) Copyright 2003 - 2004 Jan Weil


Visecas is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). You should find a copy of this license in the source tree. See COPYING for details.

Mailing list

For now, please join Ecasound's mailing list to discuss Visecas' development. Logo